About Staffing Fitness

Our founders have been around health and wellness for decades. As consultants, we have helped launch dozens of franchise concepts and individual studios. To anew owner, it might feel like an art, but to us it’s a science.  

There IS a formula for success. It includes location, preparation, timing and a unique selling proposition. But even with all of those pieces in perfect alignment, success still depends on the most critical piece of the formula—the hardest part. 


Health and wellness businesses are built on relationships. Employees are the brand. Clients develop trust, confidence and loyalty through positive experiences with staff members.   

We’ve been in the shoes of employers in search of first-rate staff. It’s stressful and time-consuming. Without the help of professional recruiters, it’s hit-or-miss.  

When we went in search of professional help for our staffing challenges—a partner who understands the unique needs of wellness companies—we came up empty-handed. That’s why,  in 2018, we founded Staffing Fitness.  

Since then, our network has grown to more than 35,000 quality connections, enabling us to help companies confidently build top-notch teams and job seekers make ideal career moves.


Xan Carr
Chris Weber
Butch Cooper
Directorof Business Development & Fitness Talent Expert
Jessica Flammmia
Directorof Beauty & Wellness Talent Recruitment