People are the face of your business.
Let us help you find the right ones.

From the first person your clients see when they walk through the door to the voice on the phone following up on their visit, every member of your team creates an impression.  

Hiring qualified professionals who will represent your brand and enrich your culture is crucial to the success of your business.

Why Staffing Fitness?

We’re not happy until you’re happy.
Our screening and vetting process is based on best practices from the recruitment industry, and we are laser focused on health and wellness staffing.  

We know a LOT of people in your industry.
The results we deliver reflect our commitment to engaging and growing the deepest network in our business. We’ll tap into our 35,000+ connections to match you with candidates who are professionally qualified and will fit your culture.  

We put in the work.
Your time is valuable, and we’re not going to waste it with interviews that lead nowhere, or even worse, to a bad hire.  We adhere to a proven process for qualifying an applicant for your consideration.

We make sure the job description is clear, specific and detailed.

We launch a search campaign through email, text messaging, job postings across 40platforms and the use of artificial intelligence tools.

We sift through hundreds of candidates and speak in person to those that rise to the top.

We contact each candidate’s references and validate their credentials. 

We stick around.
Once you’ve made a selection, we stay by your side, helping with details like negotiating employment terms. 

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Job Types

These are the most common jobs we recruit for:

▸ Assistant Managers
▸ Studio Managers
▸ Regional Managers
▸ Directors of Operations
▸ Head Coaches
▸ Regional Fitness Managers
▸ Directors of Fitness
▸ VP of Operations
▸ Executive Leadership
▸ Sales + Operation Educators
▸ Consultants
▸ Managing Partners