Discover the Two-Plan Approach to Health Insurance

Agents at Revolt Healthcare Alliance personally consult with your staff members to determine what kind of health insurance plan is right for them. Depending on their lifestyle and health, some staff members will still need Major Medical plan’s, but others can qualify for the Health Indemnity plan and save up to 50% on their premiums – Revolt Healthcare Alliance saves you time by getting your staff set-up in the plan that suites them best.

Discover the Health Indemnity Plan:

- Low Premiums
- 40-50% less than Major Medical
- Low Deductibles
- paid only on overnight hospital stays
- No deductible required for doctors visit and other benefits
- No co-pays or co-insurance
- Income Protection
– Receive money back from unused benefits

Largest PPO Network in the US Covers:
- Hospitalization/Surgeries
- Doctor Visits
- Prevention
- Prescriptions
- X-Rays, MRIs, Labs
- ER & Urgent Care
- And much more 

Plan covers in or out of network, it always pays the same benefit and includes Patient Advocacy Protection Services - to help find affordable services, as well as to review and negotiate your over-priced, predatory bills.

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